Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Totally '90s Makeup

I grew up in the '90s. That meant jelly sandals, recording award shows on VHS tapes, and waiting for the modem to kickstart Netscape so I could work on my Backstreet Boys Geocities fan site. Oh, and terrible, horrible, no good, very bad makeup trends. I tried them all: the frosted eyes, the dark, matte lips, the super thin brows. It was an unfortunate time in my aesthetic history, but I look back on it as an experimental phase, when I learned what colors worked with my olive skin tone and at what point I should stop tweezing. This updated '90s makeup look combines the best of both "classic" (omg I'm old) and modern makeup trends, including matte finishes and bold and bright accents. I can't say that I'll ever go back to some of the horrendous trends that I played with in my youth, but this was a fun reminder of some of the best days of my life.

  • Eyes: Lorac PRO Palette in Cream, Taupe, Sable, and Espresso
  • Lips: NYX Round Case Lipstick in Minimalism

Step 1: Apply primer from lash line to brow. This helps powder eyeshadow stay put and not end up in the crease.

Step 2: Using a fluffy shadow brush or your finger, take a cream colored shadow and apply to entire lid up to the crease. This creates a matte, neutral base.

Step 3: With your finger, apply a very subtle shimmer powder to brow bone to highlight and contour.

Step 4: Layer a matte taupe shadow from lash line into the crease.

Step 5: Apply a matte sable shadow to outer corners of lid and blend well.

Step 6: With a sponge-tip applicator, take a matte espresso shadow and apply to lower lash line. Smudge with fingertips.

Step 7: Make your lips pop with a matte mauve lip color and blot gently on a tissue to set.

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