Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vintage California Summer Look

Ask any girl who grew up in Southern California and they'll agree that it's bathing suit season year round. Californians practically invented swimwear. Take a look at any vintage West Coast seaside scene and you will not miss the beach bums and babes in their trunks and teeny-weeny bikinis. My girlfriends and I would even go as far as wearing our bathing suits underneath our school uniforms on the off chance that somebody would suggest an impromptu beach day. The moment the temperature rose higher than 75 degrees, we would hit the coast, ready to take on the sand, surf and sunbathing that lasted many months long.

In honor of the upcoming summer season, I put together the ultimate vintage California summer look with some help from ModCloth and Wanelo (click to peep my storyboard!). Check out how I styled the retro-glam Esther Williams Beach Bingo One-Piece bathing suit with some fun and funky accessories that ooze timeless style.

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