Monday, February 3, 2014

Current Hair Inspiration: Kylie Jenner

I've been stuck in a style rut lately, mostly because I am so used to my long, brown locks that extend far beyond my shoulders, usually worn with a deep side part. My haircut fear stems from years of unfortunate haircuts mandated by my mother, who thought her awkward, gangly nine-year-old would look cute with a bowl cut/bob combo with blunt bangs.

When I first saw pictures of Kim Kardashian's new, shorter haircut and blonde color, I was floored. I couldn't believe how good it looked and wondered, because we have similar complexions, if it would look as good on me. Though I'm not one to make sudden hair decisions, I sat with the idea for weeks until yesterday, when Kim revealed she had gone back to brown (reportedly for a Vogue cover shoot she is posing for as we speak). In the time it took for me to mull over this big commitment, my hair muse had switched back to her classic hue and has never looked better.

To reignite my hairspiration I investigated other celeb cuts/colors that would work well on me and stumbled upon the recent hair transformation of another Kardashian clan member: Kylie Jenner. The blunt yet shaggy long bob, coupled with a tasteful ombre weave is young, sophisticated and edgy -- just what I've been looking for to bring my style up to date. Can't wait to share my new 'do with you guys soon!

P.S. Have you heard this new Ellie Goulding x Angel Haze cover of James Blake's "Life Round Here?" It has been on repeat all morning and shows no sign of stopping.


  1. IM GOING FOR THE CHOP AFTER PROM! I'm so excited, did you cut yours?



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