Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: The Francophile

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I'm not saying that I would love to receive every item in this gift guide. What I'm saying is that, as a francophile, I can easily identify the types of gifts that anyone who sees Paris in his or her dreams would want. That said, a little bit of European flair goes a long way for any friend, family member or coworker this holiday season. Those champagne bottle and flute earrings would be the perfect accessory at any New Year's Eve party and who wouldn't want to wake up on January 1 with the scent of lovely lavender flowers in her hair? I'm just saying.

For more inspiration, check out this year's and last year's hostess gift guide!


  1. Love this Parisian Gift Guide Gareen! So sweet and such a cute idea! And really...who doesn't dream of Paris?! P.S. I want the scent of lavender flowers in my hair lol!!

  2. Paris is one of my fav place in the world.Nice post!

  3. Oh I just loved this post!! Going to Paris next week and this gets me in the spirit!!! Xo


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