Monday, September 30, 2013

Après Summer

I never thought I would welcome cooler days, but the weather in LA has been pretty unbearable, even for a sun-seeker like me. After taking a long break from posting this summer, I'm back and ready to share my fall favorites. Since June I've done some traveling, tried a new restaurant or ten, seen two people's lives come together, welcomed a new life into the world, reached new professional heights and made memories to last a lifetime with the best friends anyone could ask for. Hello, sweater weather! I can't wait to see what fall has in store!

{A day trip to my favorite seaside town always calls for ice cream}

 {A typical Cali weekend by the pool}

 {Enjoying the last moments of summer at the Santa Monica Pier for Glow}

 {Sandals off, sandy toes}

 {A kale/nectarine/raspberry/pecan salad I took to a picnic before a concert underneath the stars}

 {Bye bye, summer}

{To see all the fun I had this summer, check out La Petite Gigi on Instagram!}


  1. So ready for Fall, too. Ask me in two months how I feel and I'll want to be back at the beach. So excited for our date later this month!!

    Pursuit of Shoes

  2. Welcome back darlin:)! I'm a fellow sun-seeker and summer is my favorite season of all! I already miss it lol. But I'm kinda looking forward to sweater weather too and all things pumpkin! P.S. That kale salad looks amazing!

  3. agreed! Us June babies love our sun but I'm over it! Of course come December and frosty mornings I'll be begging for warmth but thus is the nature of the beast!

  4. Ooof. I am not a sun seeker with my pale skin but am living in a sun drenched tropical climate. We are all anxiously waiting for the slow progression of coolness over here. We get to sweater weather here, which is so fun, but not too much into big coat weather!


Merci beaucoup!

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