Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lip Colors for Spring

I must share a deep, dark secret that I am ashamed to admit: I don't like color. I try to wear a coral hue here and a pop of fuchsia there, but I subscribe to the less-to-none-is-more philosophy when it comes to bright, punchy colors. One of my favorite fashion quotes that I found on Pinterest a little bit ago is, "A variety of colors is a sin against good taste in the sartorial sphere of a well-dressed woman." Can't say I disagree.

If you take a look around my room or peek inside my closet, you will find shades of white, cream, taupe, gold, grey and black. I have accepted that I will never be the girl who will rock a seriously chunky neon necklace or a bright red blazer. Green patent leather flats will never be my friends and I have to take my new obsession with printed pants one day at a time. That being said, I love a bold lip. I am a woman of many contradictions and this one is the rule. I don't rock brightly hued lip colors as often as I'd like, but, in an effort to take more style risks, I have challenged myself to tackle this one obstacle. Here are some spring lip colors that I will try to incorporate now that I've outed myself as a colorphobe!


  1. That is so interesting! I love how you're not fazed by all the crazy trends out there and stick to pieces/colors that speak to your style:)! All of these lip colors are so pretty. I must try the Mac one!


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