Friday, March 1, 2013

Help Me Decide: Gigi New York All in One Bag

Ladies, I need your help. The gorgeous Nikki of Bedazzles After Dark graciously gave away one of these beautiful All in One Bags by Gigi New York. And I won. Gigi to Gigi? I call that serendipity. But, here's my problem: I can't decide which color to choose! I'm leaning towards the indigo, because I have zero blue in my closet and because it would be a great, rich hue to brighten up my mostly neutral wardrobe. I also love the white for its 80s vibe and clean look. I already have two black evening bags/clutches, so my practicality squashed my propensity for that color. What say you? I promise to do an outfit post with my choice soon!



  1. Ooh tough call! Go with the indigo one! It seems like you have your heart set on that one! I would say the indigo, white, and tan are all good choices. I'm not helping lol!

  2. I say indigo because that's what I would've chosen! but that yellow is FUN!


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