Monday, March 4, 2013

Apres Weekend

Macaron trinket boxes

This weekend really seemed like it flew by, didn't it? I feel like it was just Friday night after work, when I was holed up in my living room with Thai takeout for one and getting caught up on my magazines and TV shows. After another hectic week, it was the perfect antidote for my shot nerves. You know what else is a great way to end the week? Dinner with friends, a day spent shopping and an afternoon consumed with my attempt at nail art. I'm pretty sure I scarfed down possibly the best bread pudding I've ever had at Stout Burgers & Beer in Studio City (really, though, what was in that thing?!) and occupied most of my Sunday in between the racks at Zara and redecorating my nightstand. The perfect way to wind down was spending a couple hours concentrating on the shimmery gold half-moons that now adorn my dusty rose tinted fingertips. How was your weekend?

Yummy pad thai and mango/sticky rice!

Nightstand decor

Zara Spring 2013

The best bread pudding in Los Angeles at Stout Burgers & Beer


  1. love that first shot! so cute!

    xoxo from nyc &

  2. Love those black ankle strap Zara heels! And that dessert looks sooo yummy:)!

  3. Loving those macaroon necklace holders - so cute!

    xo Ashley


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