Thursday, November 15, 2012

Walk Like a Man | Tuxedo Stripe Pants

ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | Gwen Stefani

Ladies, it may seem counterproductive to look to the opposite sex for style tips, but I think this time they're on to something. After poring over hundreds of illusion/colorblock dresses and skirts last time, I thought my picks could have benefited from some two-legged selections. It wasn't until I saw a photo of Victoria Beckham leaving the Barbra Streisand concert in her loose-fitting tuxedo stripe pants that I was struck by the simple and sophisticated silhouette, yet modern asymmetry of the side seam. They were one part tailored trouser and one part tearaway track pant. I was hooked. The Joie "Katrice" style (number two) calls my name for its slight harem silhouette, versatile fabric and black/camel color scheme. Try this look in a less literal incarnation by scoping out a printed pant, a bold color or a wider leg.

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