Monday, October 29, 2012

Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny Hoppin' Everywhere

1. Topshop | 2. Madewell | 3. C. Wonder | 4. ASOS | 5. TBD

What the what? I leave the blogosphere for a split second and, all of a sudden, the graphic bunny print is back in style? Either I've taken the blue pill and am spiraling down the rabbit hole or designers are finally tapping into that sense of humor they usually reserve for things like Crocs or gaucho pants (I can keep going...TOMS, ponchos, those ridiculous piercings that go from earlobe to nostril). I'm assuming this trend is for real and, as a faithful fashion devotee, will attempt to pull off the whimsical look for however long the fad lasts. Just one question: how do you suggest I wear my hare?


  1. Hardy har-har. Good one, Gareen! ;)

  2. Ha! You posted this on the same day as my and my hubby's first date. What are the odds? 😊


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