Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Under $100

If you're like me, your mother has either rejected, returned, or refused every gift you've ever given her. It's not that she's super picky or spoiled or mean, but she truly does not like receiving gifts. One holiday, we surprised her with a housekeeping crew that promised to sweep, dust, and polish every detail of our home. The sheer terror on her face, the anger in her voice, and embarrassment that she caused me and my sister will forever remain in my mind. All I remember is two red-faced ladies running down my driveway, vacuums and mops in tow, with my mom not too far behind yelling at us that she doesn't need anyone to clean her space. Note to self: never hire a cleaning crew for a Type-A control freak like my mom. Another time, she gave back a (damn good) spa gift certificate, claiming that she didn't want a stranger touching her. This rejection we did not mind, as my sister and I gladly reaccepted a day of pampering. Ingrate! I kid.

My point is, if your mother is the gift-refusing kind, stop reading this post. If, however, she belongs to 99% of the population who does, in fact, enjoy and appreciate gifts, then look no further than the above items to reward the woman who brought you into this world with something less than $100. You cheapo.

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