Friday, May 4, 2012

Inside Hermès Atelier Sacs, Paris

Appreciating fashion has always been a sensual experience for me. As superficial as some think it is to want to surround yourself with beautiful things, I, a member of the "artist" category, not only look at the aesthetic beauty of my surroundings, but also their smell, touch and sometimes aural properties (I have yet to taste a leather purse). To me Hermès has always been an untouchable brand, the attainment of which requires the breaking of a wishbone, counting on the stars and blowing off the petals of a dandelion. Sure, I could save and save, but how long could I possibly wait for such a coveted piece of fashion history on the dreaded "list?" Hermès is something you not only yearn for, but earn. For now, it helps to know the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into constructing just one handbag. The precise leather-cutting techniques, the hand-perforated edges, the artisanally stitched seams...the appreciation for the craft and finished product shines through these photos. Fashion is not just a statement, it's the creation of art. 

{credit: Park & Cube}

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