Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Broccolini and Goat Cheese Pizza

Sunny weekends call for light and fresh fare that doesn't overpower the warmth of the weather, yet still provides bursts of flavor complementary to the season. This recipe has been sitting in my imaginary recipe box and the ingredients have been gathered for two weeks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to enjoy al fresco. With highs in the 80s for the past few days, I decided to spend some time cooking up an early Sunday evening dinner that satisfied my every craving. And, it was semi-homemade (hold the cocktail, Sandra Lee)! This is the perfect recipe for last-minute guests, a great addition to a Sunday brunch, or when you just feel like digging into a warm, creamy, gooey, and healthy (Broccoli! Healthy!) treat.


Broccolini and Goat Cheese Pizza
Serves 1-2

> 1 8" mini pizza crust (I used Boboli)
> 1 bunch broccolini (baby broccoli, generically), stems trimmed
> As much or as little goat cheese as you prefer, crumbled
> Lemon zest
> Olive oil to drizzle

> Arrange broccolini heads to cover pizza crust.
> Crumble desired amount of goat cheese to cover and disperse throughout.
> Sprinkle as much or as little lemon zest as desired onto entire pizza.
> Drizzle with desired amount of olive oil.
> Cook pizza under broiler for 6-8 minutes.

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