Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Style Envy - Beyonce and Her Tumblr

I am sprawled in my bedroom in Palm Springs, recovering from a day of unpacking and eating, looking forward to a day of doing absolutely nothing. Have you ever realized how nice it is to just sit in a bed that's not your own, doing the same things you do in your own space, wearing the same pjs you would wear if you were cuddling in your own sheets, but somewhere, anywhere else? It is. Let me tell ya. Don't some celebrities seem like they're on a perpetual vacation? As if their bags are always packed and eye masks are at the ready to take flight at a moment's notice? I know they must get a lot of work done in the interim, but browsing through Beyonce's Tumblr makes me think she's got it maaade. What a life! Can I get just a little taste? That said, I'm going to enjoy my mini-getaway for as long as humanly possible. Wish I were her you were here!

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