Friday, April 20, 2012

May Daouk's Beirut Villa

I love Beirut. Not only was I born there, but I am convinced the spirit of the world is contained in the little tiny city that holds my past. The juxtaposition of old world tradition and contemporary high-end lifestyle is fascinating to see and be around and I am certain that experiencing that mystical contrast is what launched my passion for stimulating my senses.

In one afternoon, you have the ability to traipse across ancient ruins preserved for 9,000 years and walk along a seafaring village filled with scents of soap and spices where time seems to have paused at 2750 BC. You will see things you never thought you'd see in your lifetime, like bullet-riddled residential buildings with blown-out windows, memories of a tragic, divisive civil war that seems to never disappear. You will also experience some of the best culinary delights worlds over, feel the joie de vivre of a people who live like there's no tomorrow, and get a glimpse at the luxury that they covet just by looking through the glossy shop windows on a bustling downtown boulevard.

I was thrilled to see a snapshot of my birthplace featured in Architectural Digest, with a peek inside the home of fellow Beiruti May Daouk, an interior designer who moved into a late-19th-century villa in her hometown after spending years working in New York. The lofty space is one of few single-family homes in Beirut (most are contained in multi-unit buildings) and features classic Middle Eastern design elements such as the prominent arches you see throughout. Peep the gallery wall featuring architectural prints of the ancient city of Baalbek, mentioned above. This photo spread has got me jonesin' for international travel!



Merci beaucoup!

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