Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marilyn, Unseen

I always choose brunette over blonde, prefer demure over overtly sexy, and admire coquettish over cocky. But, there's something about Marilyn Monroe that is so intriguing. Though I don't really relate to her, her presence and timeless beauty have probably influenced my style in ways that I don't even know. There's a famous shot of her sitting in a lounge chair by a pool with her leg up that is probably my favorite Marilyn moment. I think it's her fearlessness and devil-may-care attitude in that photo that really resonates with me.

Collector David Gainsborough Roberts, owner of the largest collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia in the world, has provided the Getty Images Gallery with rare shots of the screen star for an exclusive look into her life. From her marriage to Arthur Miller to stolen moments between takes, these photos tell what life was like for the tragic actress. Marilyn will be on display until May 23 at the Getty Images Gallery in London, but here are a few iconic snaps of the bombshell previously unseen.


  1. Thanks for sharing these. Marilyn breaks my heart. What a tortured, tragic existence...yet she's still our doll...after all these years.

  2. Love these photos - you're right there is something about her that is just captivating and mesmerizing!


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