Wednesday, January 18, 2012

San Francisco Chic

I'm actually quite nervous about what to pack for my upcoming San Francisco trip. I'm a pretty good vacation packer, if not a little bit OCD. I plan outfits and meticulously choose corresponding accessories. Tip: pack clutches and coin purses in more oversized handbags. Bonus: most satchels are collapsible! I'm a compulsive clothing roller (it's a condition, I looked it up). I believe it's the best way to avoid rumpled clothing upon unpacking (I tested this theory out on an international flight and was quite pleased). I always overdo the shoes, but nobody's perfect. 
I deal with the same travel wardrobe woes as the next girl. What if I head down to the hotel cafe after hours for a spot of Earl Grey? Uggs, it is. What will I do if the weather suddenly clears up? Striped espadrilles. What if water gets into my rain boots? Leather over-the-knees will have to do. 
See? It's tough to pack when dealing with a city that boasts an unreliable climate and requires multiple outfit changes to accommodate shifting plans. I'm thinking chunky sweater, heavyweight shorts, tights, and boots. A chic hat can add a bit of edge AND provide extra protection for my hair. Voila! Switch out rain boots for leather wedge booties for nighttime and I'll be golden. 
Day-to-night looks are tough enough in your own city. Lugging around a raincoat is also not ideal. How do you deal with wacky weather when you travel? Layering is the best way to ensure warmth, but doesn't it get uncomfortable after a while? Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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