Monday, October 10, 2011

Style Sisters - LC + LB

I know it's not Saturday yet, but I am in complete envy of the style in this photo! Laurens Conrad and Bosworth are wearing my favorite colors shades in perfect harmony at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, pairing their looks with laid-back ease. And do I spy coupe champagne glasses? Tres chic! I'm in love with LC's filmy blouse and linen shorts that are anchored by the black wedges that scream, "It's almost fall!" Lauren Bosworth's equally post-summer-perfect outfit blends some of the enduring trends from last season--the sheer midi/maxi skirt. I can say, that after a fleeting moment chatting with Lauren Conrad at an event a few months ago, coupled with my previously established style envy of her, I feel like we're BFFs. Ok, maybe it's more of a style stalker/stalkee relationship...

This past weekend, my sister (style and otherwise) and I took a road trip to Oceanside, where my parents have a timeshare. The weather was PERFECT, and we were able to get a little kayaking and much needed wining and dining in. Photos to come this week!


Merci beaucoup!

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