Friday, October 14, 2011

Style Inspiration - Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie will forever be my fashion inspiration. Even her simplest outfits scream stylish. There is just something about her relaxed attitude and approach to fashion that really resonates with me. We did grow up in the same town, after all.

{Daily Mail}

After seeing her super simple day-to-afternoon transformation on the Daily Mail, I am convinced that she is the ultimate style maven. There is nothing particularly groundbreaking about these two outfits, and one is merely an interpretation of the other, but only a true fashionista can grasp the less-is-more philosophy and make it work like she does. What do you think of Nicole's two looks?


  1. i heart her. all the day long. she is just phenomenal. and i think its something about the casual california vibe she embodies without being overly "trendy" that enhances her appeal.

  2. adore the look in that tulip skirt

  3. LOVE! I always think i need to add something when I'm just wearing a plain tee but she is the epitome of casual chic, confirming that it is OKAY to go out in just jeans and a tee!

    Miss your face lady!



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