Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursty Thursdays - Bacon-Infused Vodka

If you haven't noticed, we try to do things a bit differently here at Gigi HQ. Why read about something here if you can find it somewhere/everywhere else? This is why I often struggle to update this ol' thing: I'm not as original as I think I am. As I come to terms with that, let me turn your attention to something you probably have probably probably never heard of before. Bacon-infused vodka. People try to infuse vodka with EVERYTHING these days. Mostly fruit. They've never really thought to add a deep and smoky bite to something already so sharp. I'm not sure if this is something I would necessarily try, but it would be a great mixer for martinis, bloody marys, and even fruit-flavored cocktails.

Modified from Heartland, The Cookbook,  by Judith Fertig.

2 slices thick-cut, smoked bacon
1 1/2 cups of vodka
1 tablespoon whole peppercorn

Identify a jar that will hold 1 1/2 cups of liquid with extra room for bacon and pepper. 

  • Cut two slabs of bacon in half, so they will fit, upright, into your jar with room to put on the lid.
  • Fry the bacon until cooked but not burned. Fry a few extra slices and have some as a snack, because the smell of frying bacon will drive you mad with want.
  • Remove the bacon and put it on a paper towel to blot off some of the grease.
  • While it is still warm, put bacon into the jar with the whole peppercorn and the vodka and cover with a lid.
  • Let it steep in the fridge for 2 or 3 days, shaking every so often.
  • Remove and discard the bacon and peppercorn and skim off any stray fat, which should be solidified.
  • Store in the fridge, and use in place of regular vodka for Bloody Marys
Tips: The combination of fat and alcohol will surely congeal, so you can put the vodka into the freezer for a few hours after you remove the bacon to make sure the fat is solidified, and then strain it out.

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  1. who would've thought of this! haha sounds fab;)


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