Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Style Envy - NYFW Street Style

I might be ahead of myself when I say I want to break out (and buy) the leather for the upcoming season. I want to turn on the seat warmers in my car. I want to cuddle with my down comforter and wake up with a frozen nose and warm body. California runs on a different schedule. California hates that I want to layer and legging (yes, it's a verb, look it up). California doesn't care that I am sick of shaving my legs and just want to hide under a chunky, cozy knit (and pants to spare you all from the permafur). And California laughs at my attempts at dressing for a chilly summer day/night out. Shorts, a long sleeve, and ballet flats? California scoffs.

Check out my fave fall look (Leandra of The Man Repeller) to help this cool Californian (Gigi of La Petite Gigi) transition from the scorching hot, hot heat of summer to the quite warm and oddly stormy mugginess of pre-fall. Leather shorts, a long utility vest, and cut-out leather booties to combat chilly toe syndrome, a phrase I'm certain was shopped around as a possible grunge band name in the early 90s. The best thing about this look? The neutral color palette is the best canvas for chunky jewelry and a bright, tribal print satchel (I WANT!). Thanks, Leandra, for letting me steal this look!


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