Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Style Envy - Emma Stone Red Carpet

Ahh, it's FINALLY the weekend! Time to get personal: I eventually recovered from the "Cold from Hell," even though, while I was writhing and hallucinating on my sickbed, there was no end in sight. Well, it kinda went away and then came back with a tiny vengeance. I guess it's just not ready to graduate. So now, I'm resting up before heading to a "WTF are you wearing?" party, which I am so looking forward to, mostly because I get to ignore all the rules of fashion and comply with the only rule, which is "wear something that makes someone say, 'WTF??'"


Someone I will NOT be looking to for inspiration is Emma Stone at the Venice Film Festival in this vibrant, mustard yellow Roland Mouret "Maxim" textured-silk lace wedding dress from fall 2011. The color is perfect for the redhead, who paired the gown with the most intensely rockin' Giuseppe Zanotti heels and Alexander McQueen clutch. I'm green yellow with envy!

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