Friday, September 9, 2011

Model Moments: Karlie Kloss

Supermodels are named such to reflect their supremacy, a quality that is extensively glorified on the covers and in the pages of the world's glossiest magazines. To me, the term represents a celestial being, evocative of an otherworldly beauty, a lovely outcast of our average society, almost worthy of divine elevation. One of these cosmic beauties is Karlie Kloss, who has very quickly become the shining star of the fashion industry at only 19 years old. This month, TIME Magazine featured an inside look into Karlie's everyday life that reads like a modern fashion fairytale. The photo essay showed the front, back, and inbetween of her daily life, including a glimpse of the ethereal beauty in her magical prom dress (Dior, of course) and exhausted on her bed after a long day of mugging for the media. To be a fly on the wall...

Backstage at Dior



Surrounded by stylists


At home in St. Louis

Teenage dream

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  1. love karlie...she is perfect. it's nice to see a model get recognized for her work especially one as young as she is.



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