Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursty Thursdays - Preserved Cherry Sangria

Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet, less so since I live on the West Coast, where we are blessed with year-round sunshine (most of the time). However, there is something to be said about the end of the lazy(ish) days of the summer months and their transition into the hustle and bustle of a new season.


To celebrate the advent of cooler days, it's best to toast with a glass of something just as bittersweet as the passing of the time. A combination of the rustic and earthy summertime fruit with the dark, syrupy notes of the liqueur in which it is soaked is an unexpected complement to the crisp bite of an effervescent rosé wine. At my house, we like to take the syrup of preserved cherries, drizzle it at the bottom of a tall glass, dilute it with some water, and enjoy the deeply satisfying cocktail that develops. This recipe is a little funner and a great way to add something new to a tired sangria recipe.


Cherry Sangria

2 bottles rosé wine
8 fl oz cherry brandy
2 fl oz juice from preserved cherries (cointreau)
1/2 cup cherries preserved in cointreau (or any liquor)
15 halved and pitted fresh yellow/pink cherries
2 tbsp honey
  • combine all ingredients, stir well. Let sit for about half an hour in the fridge before enjoying.



  2. Daaaamn, this looks good! Sangria is such a huge favorite of mine. The best ones are homemade, for sure. I love those little fruit bits soaked in wine. Yum.


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