Friday, August 19, 2011

Other People's Words

On one hand, I'm glad the week is over. On the other hand, I wish I could go back and be more productive. Some weeks are rollercoasters. Some days I feel invincible, limitless, and energetic, and others I feel down, helpless, and defeated. Hopefully, this weekend will bring a new sense of energy and inspire me to

Weeks like this, I try to find inspiration in anything. I often look to other people's words to help me feel like I'm not alone in my struggle. Why is that? Isn't it funny that words spoken or written by other people about their feelings can so accurately describe your own? Happiness, sadness, fear, loss, disappointment, shame, and every other stupid/crazy/fun/awful/delightful emotion is universal and connects all of us in some way. I hope these reach you whether you've had an awesome week or just an OK one (the last one's kinda my favorite). Happy Friday!


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  1. the eating one eneds to go in my kitchen.
    and I love the procrastinate one


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