Friday, August 12, 2011

Midi or Mi-don't?

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I've always considered myself a mini girl. What can I say? I like showing a little leg. My thighs? They like a bit of a breeze. When the midi skirt exploded onto the scene and sucked the life out of my leg-baring career, I was caught in a fashion pickle (note to self: must find aforementioned posh pickle): dare to bare my now passe pins or be a slave to the man and don a hiney-hiding midi skirt? I caved and bought one. In a silhouette similar to #4 (gotta give my girls some love) and in a bold and bright ikat print. What? Sometimes you gotta take a few fashion risks no matter what the consequences! Photos to follow. In the meantime, tell me: would you rock this too-long-for-me-but-trendy-enough-to-try trend?

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