Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sophisticated Mama - SJP on Vogue

"[Carrie's] life is nothing--nothing--like mine," she says. For years, the small- and big-screen cameras magically captured the sometimes-disheveled-yet-forgivably-fabulous-life of one Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. In the August issue of American Vogue, Mario Testino's legendary lens captures that of a high-class housewife, effortlessly at ease with the chaos that surrounds her daily life. Sarah Jessica Parker--or SJP for us SATCphiles--shows that you can raise a family of five while staying fashion-forward (and shows off those adorable twins of hers). 

"I loved playing her, and it changed my life in lots of wonderful ways, but I’m not a crazy shoe lady, I don’t think about fashion all day long, although I have a great respect for the industry. Every choice we’ve made has been different..."

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