Friday, July 22, 2011

Fond of Fondue

I will be the first to admit that I do not have a sweet tooth. I'll indulge in the occasional brownie (edges only) or slice of cake (princess, please), but you will never see me in search of a sugary snack. Until now.

I think I'll have the sprinkles.

What better way to fete your fine, fashionable friends than with my favorite f-word of all: fondue?! While you ponder that, I must draw your attention to the most important ingredient at a fondue party: the dipper, i.e. that which dips. Instead of telling you about this absolutely genius dynamic dessert duo, I will show you. Behold: cupcake fondue. Not sure you read that correctly. CUPCAKE. FONDUE. As in, taking a cupcake (drool) and dipping it into a pot of warm, oozing icing. Not to mention, an entire buffet of accoutrements, including sprinkles, pearls, and sparkle dust.

Now that I've startled your body's insulin store, it's time to get to dippin'. Here's what you do:

1. Make a batch of your favorite mini cupcakes–homemade or from a mix. Remove liners after the cupcakes have cooled. Pound cake or any other firm cake works well for skewering, but any cake will do. Allow to cool completely before dipping.

2. Make the fondue (more of a glaze-like consistency): whisk together powdered sugar, orange juice, and corn syrup. Adjust the consistency with a drop of liquid or a dash more powdered sugar until you get have a smooth, thick glaze. You may also fill the fondue pot with melting chocolate, regular icing, and/or whatever your heart desires.

3. Pour frosting into the fondue pot. There’s really no need to heat the mixture, but you can keep a small tea light or very low flame underneath just for looks.

4. Display sprinkles and toppings in small ramekins or portion cups and arrange around the fondue pot.

5. Skewer cupcakes in the side and dip the top half into the fondue, then flip the cupcake over and the frosting will drip nicely down the sides. Sprinkle liberally with your favorite toppings.


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  1. such a great idea. like why havnet i been doing this for years?


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