Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Style Envy: Victoria Beckham

A pair of skinny black jeans, a silky, free-flowing white top, structured blazer, solid black platforms, and a well-edited selection of accessories. Can't go wrong!

Working in a conservative environment has definitely shifted my style priorities to a more streamlined and sophisticated aesthetic. Alas, it has been harder for me to justify purchasing bold prints, voluminous silhouettes, and outlandish textures. Enter my pick for this week's Sunday Style Envy and one of my few fashion icons. No matter how sexy and daring her evening outfits are, Victoria Beckham always gets it right during the day. Perhaps it is a symptom of trailing behind a trio of tots all around town, but she seems to have the upscale daytime look down pat. What do you ladies think?


  1. Love! So perfectly put together - I want that entire outfit.

  2. so effortless. I dont know how she does the shoes. I can barely wear my YSL heels in my own apartment!

    and um her baby bump is like half my stomach right now lol


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