Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Covet...Khloe Kardashian's Shoe Collection

A girl of this century has two options in life: 1.) become a self-made millionaire (or thousandaire, in most cases) or 2.) marry a highly successful basketball star and amass a spectacular amount of high-end designer shoes to occupy her vast closet space. Surely, there are other options available to us modern gals, but I don't mind weighing these specific ones. Browsing through the May 2011 Elle music issue (with Gwen Stefani on the cover, holla), I spied this drool-worthy spread featuring Khloe Kardashian's intense and carefully composed shoe collection, complete with an endless amount of red soled wonders. Sometimes, I think that life is just not fair for us common folk. Then I think it's photos like this that make me work just a little bit harder. Basically, anything that is featured on The Coveteur inspires me to just be better to afford all of the hard-earned luxuries coveted and collected by the most stylish people in the world. So, when Elle (my favorite fashion magazine) and The Coveteur teamed up for this stunning photo shoot, I was sold and turned on my inner mogul for some much-needed inspiration!

Brb, wiping the drool off of my chin. Decisions, decisions...

Hubby Lamar's carefully curated shoe collection, complete with Christian Louboutin bling-bling sneakers.

Something about the serenity of the interiors and edginess of the accessories makes this an amazing shot.

My job would be 10x more glam if I could communicate using this blinged-out phone.

How perfect is this house for an edgy shoe photo shoot??

"Should I wear the sea foam green fringe peep-toe Loubs or the teal fringe peep-toe Loubs..?"

Another shoe closet??? So jeal.

Leopard love

How gorgeous is this house?! Loving the neutral color scheme.


  1. i die. that is shoe heaven. can i move in?

  2. How does she even decide what pair to wear? Love it.

  3. love all post!!!
    really beautiful ;D

    follow u honey

  4. I saw these pics of her shoes last week and I was torn between jealousy and disgust--on one hand, I LOVE SHOES and would be over the moon to have just a fraction of her collection! Hell, even just one pair from her collection--haha. They're the loveliest. But on the other hand, that much excess is a little nauseating, I think . . . some people can't afford food and others have hundreds of pairs of thousand-dollar shoes? Ugh.


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