Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flared and Fabulous?

As a woman of my age (let's not discuss this any further), I have seen the denim evolution and have abided by the changing trends. From tomboyish and loose as a pre-teen, to fit-and-flared as a teen, to skinny as a college student, and a mix of skinny/jeggings/wide-leg as an adult, I have embraced each stage and appointed my wardrobe accordingly. Now as a pre-adult (that's right), I have been reintroduced to the growing trend of the fit-and-flare pair. This time it has more of a 70's vintage vibe, which I can totally get used to. Camilla Belle rocked the retro look last weekend and gets my vote as the newest thing in contemporary fashion. I really like that she paired it with an easy and free-flowing top and languidly placed scarf. Not too fond of the shoe selection, but it works in this case. What do you all think? "Yes, we can" or "No, no, we won't go?"


  1. i want some but i havent pulled the trigger! gap has some and always has sales, so maybeeeee


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