Thursday, April 21, 2011

Empty Thoughts

I haven't a thought in my head today, which is just the way I like it...happy Thursday!

Updated: Did you guys hear Gwyneth Paltrow's cover of Adele's "Turning Tables," AKA my favorite song on Adele's 21 album? She didn't totally ruin it! Proud of Gwynnie's singing efforts, but still not a big fan of her vocal stylings. Listen for yourselves:


  1. mrs.paltrow sings?! whaaat!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  2. i thought she did a great job, considering she obvi cant hold a candle to adele

  3. I liked it too - a nice, understated version of the song. Gwyneth's voice is best when she doesn't attempt anything too showy.


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