Monday, April 18, 2011

Emerging Talent: Marco D'Amico

“Contemporary ideas combined with retro allusions were central to the photos, and this was enhanced in postproduction," says Marco D'Amico, an up-and-coming fashion photographer making a name for himself on the pages of Vogue Italia. How awesome are these photos? These modern-day Picasso look-a-likes have been digitized and morphed into dimensional fashion photos that practically jump off of the page.

"The perceptual point of view of the form was created by geometric effects and curves. These reflected the silhouettes, deconstructing the clothes and transforming them into art objects. I created a primordial sensation by using colours of light which blended shade by shade with the stylistic choices of the designs, which were pure, clean and fresh. The image was deconstructed – and then reconstructed in a way that gave it a new meaning, one that was visceral, almost animal, contributing towards the representation of a multiform, unexpected kind of femininity.”

{Photos coutesy of Vogue Italia}


  1. Those are pretty awesome!

    Great blog - I am your newest follower :)

  2. These are so beautiful and haunting. What a statement about identity--I love art like that.

  3. gorgeous. x

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  4. Owow these images are so artistically creative and really unique! Love how interestingly each photo captures the emotions from the model and details of the garments...Simply fab!

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