Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday (don't judge me) Style Envy

My blog is solid proof of the phrase, "Life happens." I love my blog and love blogging, but when you write for a living, it becomes difficult to open up and be creative on the days you really don't have to be. I apologize for my sporadic posting and hope I make more time to exercise the right side of my brain.

So here it is, a day late. Saturday Style Envy, ruefully renamed Sunday Style Envy just for today. A handful of - assumedly - innately stylish individuals. Women who mix-and-match skins, accessorize electric blue with shocking lime, monogram their millinery, and strut their stuff down a stylish rue during Fashion Week. To quote one of my favorite childhood movies, "I wish I could switch places with her for just one day..."


  1. That clutch is gorgeous. I am also completely jealous of that leopard print jacket, or whatever it is. Nice blog :)


Merci beaucoup!

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