Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Best Friend is Cooler Than Yours

Every girl needs "that" friend in her life: the one with whom she has childhood memories, photos from pool parties and prom, and secrets tightly guarded over the course of 15 years. Oh, how we've grown, as our roles have have changed from slumber party coordinator to shopping partner, and from study buddy and gossip wrangler to wife and mother. It has been increasingly difficult to find enough time to spend together over the years, but we finally, finally made time this past weekend to reconnect.

So, what did we do? Took a little trip over the hill (after exchanging plenty of coos and kisses with her little guy. Ok, it was mostly me), pretended like we were lunching ladies @ Villa Blanca in BH (we ate lunch and acted like ladies most of the time), shopped around, took a dessert tour of BH (AKA contorted our bodies in the Neiman's parking garage to avoid a dreaded cream-cheese-frosting-on-the-floor incident and parked illegally in a shady backlot to get yummy macarons from Paulette), drove around like crazies while discussing cougars, high-class escorts, and breast feeding, and just enjoyed each other's company.

Like I said, everyone needs that friend. The one who reminds you how silly you really are, who is never afraid to tell you how big those pants make your butt look, and whose personality perfectly complements yours.

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  1. OK that is just adorable! No one understands my nickname "nugget" except my BFF. But I won't argue that mine is cooler than yours - that's a fight that can never really be settled fairly ;)


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