Monday, March 21, 2011

Cake Couture

There is nothing more glamorous than diving into a rich, fluffy, decadent piece of cake that makes you close your eyes and sigh in sheer tongue-tingling delight. More than the limitless flavors that exist in the confectionery world, I am drawn to the artistic quality of baking and decorating. There is something so chic about a well-placed flower, non-traditional silhouette, sugared petal, and edible lace detail on a tiered treasure.

I recently came across Cake Opera Co., a couture cake company based out of Toronto that was crafted in the outrageous mind of pastry chef Alexandria Pellegrino, possibly the most fabulous baker to have ever lived. I want to be her and be able to bury my face in her magnificent creations.

This, the Piratess Cake, was inspired by the designer's love of whimsy, pirates, and 17th Century seafaring. The Piratess that sits atop the six-layer cake is hand-sculpted, as are the ships, all of which complement the hand-painted ship illustrations.

The Moretto Mask cake features a Baroque beauty and is inspired by masquerade balls, where the bourgeoisie would conceal their furtive, frenzied, and philandering glances behind magical embellished masks.

Inspired by Valentino red, this wedding cake takes cues from the inky splashes and pleats featured in Christian Lacroix's Spring 2008 runway collection. The cobalt blue adds touches of regal elegance.

The pomegranate, a longtime symbol of fertility, sensuality, mystery, and opulence, crowns this four-tier cake embellished with hand-sewn ribbon medallions and brooch details. So chic.

Does it get any better than this? Eat your heart out, Bottega Louie. These petite confections are mini cupcakes housed in gilded sleeves and are named things like The Lady Pompadour (vanilla cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream, sweet caramel heart, and mini almond macaron), Queen of the Night (devilishly decadent chocolate cupcake with Valrhona 70% Dark Chocolate buttercream, crunchy chocolate pearls, and toasted cocoa nibs), The Carmen (chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream, delightfully chewy homemade raspberry leather, and a singularly perfect fresh raspberry), and The Musetta (vanilla cupcake with tart lemon buttercream, a crystallized lemon slice, crushed meringue, and 24Kt gold sugar).

...and let's not forget the confection towers. Le sigh.


  1. wow, those look almost too divine to eat...but I'm a sucker for sweets and cake, so of course I would.

  2. Oh wow! These are absolutely exquisite!

  3. its almost too pretty to eat.


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