Friday, March 25, 2011

If only in my dreams.

If only I could live in one of these flats. I would have tea parties for days, groom my puppy whose breed is difficult for most people to pronounce, color coordinate my closet, polish my antique silverware, and entertain the creme de la creme of the city with fine champagne and endless bon bons.

This is how I imagine the inside to look. Glamorous with touches of vintage and modern, dripping in girly goodness and gilt. Pretty please?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"I haven't had tomorrow..."

One of my earliest memories of Elizabeth Taylor is hearing her purr and watching her glide across the screen in the White Diamonds perfume commercial. Following that memory is finding a box of the fragrance in my mom's commode, wondering where it came from. My mom has never been too into Hollywood life or swooned over movie stars onscreen (save for the occasional squeal over a Robert Redford sighting), but she was, somehow, influenced by Taylor's persona enough to buy her signature scent.

It's always sad to lose a silver screen icon, especially one who made such an impact on the fashions of future generations and was the definition of glamour in her era and beyond. I'll flare out my eyeliner today in honor of her classic Cleopatra cat-eye look. How else can you pay tribute to a style icon? Oh, yes. Donate to amfAR to support HIV/AIDS research.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cake Couture

There is nothing more glamorous than diving into a rich, fluffy, decadent piece of cake that makes you close your eyes and sigh in sheer tongue-tingling delight. More than the limitless flavors that exist in the confectionery world, I am drawn to the artistic quality of baking and decorating. There is something so chic about a well-placed flower, non-traditional silhouette, sugared petal, and edible lace detail on a tiered treasure.

I recently came across Cake Opera Co., a couture cake company based out of Toronto that was crafted in the outrageous mind of pastry chef Alexandria Pellegrino, possibly the most fabulous baker to have ever lived. I want to be her and be able to bury my face in her magnificent creations.

This, the Piratess Cake, was inspired by the designer's love of whimsy, pirates, and 17th Century seafaring. The Piratess that sits atop the six-layer cake is hand-sculpted, as are the ships, all of which complement the hand-painted ship illustrations.

The Moretto Mask cake features a Baroque beauty and is inspired by masquerade balls, where the bourgeoisie would conceal their furtive, frenzied, and philandering glances behind magical embellished masks.

Inspired by Valentino red, this wedding cake takes cues from the inky splashes and pleats featured in Christian Lacroix's Spring 2008 runway collection. The cobalt blue adds touches of regal elegance.

The pomegranate, a longtime symbol of fertility, sensuality, mystery, and opulence, crowns this four-tier cake embellished with hand-sewn ribbon medallions and brooch details. So chic.

Does it get any better than this? Eat your heart out, Bottega Louie. These petite confections are mini cupcakes housed in gilded sleeves and are named things like The Lady Pompadour (vanilla cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream, sweet caramel heart, and mini almond macaron), Queen of the Night (devilishly decadent chocolate cupcake with Valrhona 70% Dark Chocolate buttercream, crunchy chocolate pearls, and toasted cocoa nibs), The Carmen (chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream, delightfully chewy homemade raspberry leather, and a singularly perfect fresh raspberry), and The Musetta (vanilla cupcake with tart lemon buttercream, a crystallized lemon slice, crushed meringue, and 24Kt gold sugar).

...and let's not forget the confection towers. Le sigh.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday (don't judge me) Style Envy

My blog is solid proof of the phrase, "Life happens." I love my blog and love blogging, but when you write for a living, it becomes difficult to open up and be creative on the days you really don't have to be. I apologize for my sporadic posting and hope I make more time to exercise the right side of my brain.

So here it is, a day late. Saturday Style Envy, ruefully renamed Sunday Style Envy just for today. A handful of - assumedly - innately stylish individuals. Women who mix-and-match skins, accessorize electric blue with shocking lime, monogram their millinery, and strut their stuff down a stylish rue during Fashion Week. To quote one of my favorite childhood movies, "I wish I could switch places with her for just one day..."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Best Friend is Cooler Than Yours

Every girl needs "that" friend in her life: the one with whom she has childhood memories, photos from pool parties and prom, and secrets tightly guarded over the course of 15 years. Oh, how we've grown, as our roles have have changed from slumber party coordinator to shopping partner, and from study buddy and gossip wrangler to wife and mother. It has been increasingly difficult to find enough time to spend together over the years, but we finally, finally made time this past weekend to reconnect.

So, what did we do? Took a little trip over the hill (after exchanging plenty of coos and kisses with her little guy. Ok, it was mostly me), pretended like we were lunching ladies @ Villa Blanca in BH (we ate lunch and acted like ladies most of the time), shopped around, took a dessert tour of BH (AKA contorted our bodies in the Neiman's parking garage to avoid a dreaded cream-cheese-frosting-on-the-floor incident and parked illegally in a shady backlot to get yummy macarons from Paulette), drove around like crazies while discussing cougars, high-class escorts, and breast feeding, and just enjoyed each other's company.

Like I said, everyone needs that friend. The one who reminds you how silly you really are, who is never afraid to tell you how big those pants make your butt look, and whose personality perfectly complements yours.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone Snatched My Satchel!

Argh! I have been on the hunt for the perfect vintage-inspired, distressed leather satchel (a la the PS1) for MONTHS and had been closely watching this ASOS satchel for weeks, hoping for one of the site's legendary 20% off coupon codes, only finding 10% off ones (don't judge - I love a bargain). I won't get into the real reason why I hesitated. Let's just say it had something to do with an eerily accurate horoscope. After deciding to wait *just one more day,* I caved and decided to forgo the extra $12 discount. Unfortunately, a lucky lady snatched my perfect satchel! If that isn't some form of karmic retribution, I don't know what is. Anywhosums, if anyone sees that this GORGEOUS handbag is back on the site in "Mink," shoot me an e-mail, phone call, instant message, singing telegram, postcard, Morse telegraph, SOMETHING!
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