Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Style Envy: Kim Kardashian

Now that the rains have fallen, it's time to break out the layers! Wintertime dress has always made me nervous, because I feel so restricted under piles and piles of clothing. LA living (especially in fall and winter months) requires plenty of costume changes, as your environment can switch from hot to cold at a moment's notice. Enter Kim Kardashian (via über talented stylist Monica Rose) in her chic and stylish layered look that doesn't induce fabric frustration. Everything looks slouchy and, most importantly, comfortable! Not to mention Kim is rocking the fab high bun hairstyle that I have been unable to reproduce no matter how hard I try. The harem style pants with a blousy top and boyfriend blazer go perfectly with the scraggly scarf that is styled in a devil-may-care on! It's a look that doesn't scream "I spent three hours figuring out what to wear." I totally have to steal this look!

Jacket: Rachel Roy
Top: Helmut Lang
Pants: Grey Ant
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Scarf: Botto Giuseppe 
Clutch: Hermes
Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham

{via Monica Rose}


  1. i hate that i love this family so much. they almost always just kill you're right, we have monica to thank!

  2. Monica is fantastic - those girls always look GREAT.

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