Friday, December 10, 2010

Beautifully Bleached

I'm nervous yet thrilled about the upcoming weeks because they not only hold promise, but also potential disaster. Who doesn't like a little challenge, anyhow? Though I can't disclose what these big plans are just yet, I can mention that they will bring great things.

One thing I am giddy about is my upcoming room reno! There's finally a deadline (that's all a writer needs - another deadline)! We're changing the flooring in all of the bedrooms, which means hauling a whole lotta solid wood furniture out of my boudoir and bringing in a few glamorous pieces that I hope will make my space a little more enchanting.

I think I've decided on a bleached wood floors for a vintage, French country feel. I gravitate towards neutrals, and hardly incorporate color in my space save for a touch of blush here or there. I have never really been sure about wood floors in bedrooms (my toes like the tufts of carpet) and can't bear the thought of a dusty surface to walk on.



What do you ladies think? Do you girls dig hardwood floors in the bedroom?

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  1. Good luck! Love all of these shots. I'm a big neutral girl too and I love hardwood floors in a bedroom.

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. i love my hardwood floors. there is something exhilarating in the morning about touching my feet to the floor. what i also love is that they are so easy to clean. if my cat feels the need to get sick with a hairball, there is a no mess clean up. hard wood floors also have an old style sort of elegance to them, it makes me think of the days when everyone installed hard wood floors in their homes.

  3. I love hardwood in the bedroom, minus it gets a little cold on your feet lol

    love the new header!

    Thanks for stopping by! I think the hardwood is gonna work. Enjoy your Friday!

  5. @Danielle
    Yea, I got a really big and fluffy flokati rug to keep it warm. And ugh my header/layout is such a work in progress...I still have to work out the kinks, but it's getting there. Happy Friday!

  6. @Sarah Katie
    The keeping it clean part was my biggest concern, but I'll learn to love it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  7. OMG I love love love the new layout! It is FABULOUS :) Good work.


  8. LOVE wood flooring. I've had it for years and have never regretted it.

    you and your blog are adorable!! xx

  9. I think bleached wood flooring is the perfect choice for a room full of neutrals -- everything would look chic and clean.:D

    Good luck and have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. Love these looks.. and yes I like hardwood in the bedroom. Area rugs are a great bedroom accessory!


Merci beaucoup!

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