Sunday, December 12, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

...everything! Since I don't have unlimited funds to accommodate my champagne taste, here are a few budget-friendly(ish) and fabulous gifts for
all of your lovely lady friends!

 1. Necklush Multistrand Scarf, 2. Tori Spelling for HSN Tassel Earrings, 3. Rablabs Citrine Trinket Box
 4. Rose petal marshmallows - 8 pc., 5. Z Gallerie Barnacle Vase, 6. French Script Sea Matches with Wax Seal

7. Rhinestone iPad Case, 8. Jonathan Adler Needlepoint Heart Sunglasses Case, 9. Cotton/Acrylic Herringbone Throw, 10. Personalized Lucite Catchall Box


  1. tori spelling has a line too? I love those

    and that catchall is fab..i bought it for two friends for their bday last year..and bought her monogram calendars for 3 this year!

  2. I want everything too. I may to add some of these onto my list!

  3. i neeeeeeeeed that herringbone throw in my life now.


Merci beaucoup!

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