Friday, December 17, 2010

All Dressed in White

As I mentioned somewhere in an article from years past, I come from the school of "Nicole Richie Can Do No Wrong." Well, last weekend, one of my fashion idols got married and wore what I like to call, "The Wedding Dress Heard 'Round the World" designed by Marchesa. I've always loved the idea of a long-sleeved wedding dress, but this one is something out of a 1980s fashion fairytale! I'm digging the antique lace and wide, obi-style waistband. Not a fan of the hair/makeup, but I think she looks lovely! What do you ladies think?



  1. love..but i agree, the hair isnt my fav.

  2. loveeeee that dress!! she looks fantastic.

    Happy Friday xx

  3. OMG it's so 80s! LIke beyond. I'm having flashbacks of my uncles and aunts wedding pictures. She can totally pull it off but I really hope this isn't the way wedding dresses are going. Next thing you know they are going to have HUGE puffy shoulder/sleeves! YIKESS


Merci beaucoup!

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