Friday, November 26, 2010

Perfect For Us

I rarely get personal on my blog because, frankly, this isn't my personal blog. Sure, I mention birthdays and weekend plans, but prefer to keep my feelings to myself. Something about the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and the spirit of the holidays made me emotional this morning - it must've been the leftover glow from yesterday's festivities.

The sweet potatoes burnt, we ran out of fried onions for the green bean casserole, the cornbread came out lopsided and the apples for my "custom" store-bought boxed stuffing were chopped too large. We were all in pajamas with our hair tied back in ponytails that had seen better days. We discussed topics that we often discuss at the dinner table - when we actually dine together, that is. We spent a better part of the evening after dinner assembling a bathroom cabinet that had been sitting in its box for the past six months and watching Oprah reruns on the TV while I finished a last-minute editing job that I took on this week.

I guess that's the beauty of not stressing over minute details that can distract you from appreciating the true beauty of the holidays. You can look back and smile about everything that went not-as-planned and appreciate the effort that it took to make everything so perfect. Perfect for us. Perfect in our eyes and in our swollen bellies. We ate until we were ready to burst and even saved room for the sweet potato pie (after a four hour break). But, I think this Thanksgiving helped us understand the team mentality our family has had to embrace over the last few years to be able to make it work. To be able to make laughs happen; to be able to make memories happen; to be able to make us happen. Our way may not work for you, and I'm not really sure if it works for us, but when the memory of trying makes me feel fuzzy inside, I would trade anything to bottle it up and take a swig from it once in a while. Happy Thanksgiving.

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