Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Humpday!

Hellooooo, blogging beauties! I have been MIA for a bit due to my hectic daytime schedule. I have, however, been creeping on all of your posts and loving them! I figured I'd make some magic today to help you get over hump day.

I consider myself a fashionable individual and love dressing up for a fun night out (whether I enjoy the dressing up part or the actually going out part is up for discussion). I have been using the same yellow crocodile clutch to accessorize my nighttime outfits for YEARS and, if the yellow doesn't work with the outfit, I adopt a piece from my sister's vast handbag collection for the night (thanks, Lori!). I figured it's time to outfit my closet with a neutral colored clutch that will complement the various ensembles I put together for a night out. I found a few cute clutches that I thought would work perfectly with my wardrobe's color palette. I love them each, but image #3 to die for!

1. ASOS Chiffon & Satin Ruffle Clutch, $45
2. ASOS Faux Croc Clutch, $31
3. ASOS Feather Clutch Bag, $45
4. Dune Laurent Chain Edge Suede Clutch Bag, $95
5. ASOS Leather Clutch Bag with Waterfall Flap, $62

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  1. that feather bag is not 45. thanks g. that bad boy will be coming to my home..early early early bday presie i suppose :)

    Have your ever ordered anything from asos? Ive always creeped and wanted the clothes-the make the best "intrepretations" out there, but hate the euro size conversion and the pain of returning if it doesnt clutches are a safe bet...

  2. Yup! It sure is! I've ordered dresses when they were in Euro sizes and had to return them b/c their conversions aren't accurate. Now that their US site is up, they are selling US sizes!


Merci beaucoup!

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