Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Urban Chic Wedding

I just came across this stunning wedding on Style Me Pretty (one of my faves) and HAD to share a few photos with you ladies. There are dozens of photos I can share, for example of the venue, of the church, of a father giving his daughter away. These were the ones that made me feel the love between the couple and their bridal party on their very special day. The venue was the Bowery Hotel in NYC and the photographer, Christian Oth, really captured the austerity, magic and mist of the city. In a tantalizing twist, the venue had a rustic Tuscan theme with antique urn centerpieces and family-style dining. Burgundies, purples and greens were strewn about while herbs were draped in a dramatic way. See the rest here.

I love how tight-knit this group looks. The excitement, admiration and adoration is so present. I can't help but giggle! I also love the little peek-a-boo of a tiny man in the mirror!

So chic...

The anticipation in this photo shows such romance and longing.

Rain is the perfect backdrop for chic wedding photos! Who knew??


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  1. Dying is right. I hope when I get married it looks this happy and chic. The goodbye kiss in the cab... bananas. (had to throw in some Rachel Zoe) Loving your blog too. I'm your newest follower.

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