Thursday, September 30, 2010

Supa Kawaii en le Château

Entrance to Versailles
Ahh, Paris...the city of lights, the birthplace of romance, the wacky world of Takashi Murakami? Oh, yes he did. The gilded corridors of le Château de Versailles got a Technicolor kick by way of the Japanese artist's delusional mind on September 13, when 22 of Murakami's most prolific statues went on display at the palace. At the cries of mon dieu by some patrons seeking illusions of grandeur sans psychedelic art, curator Laurent LeBon states, "This unique experience seeks above all to spark a reflection on the contemporary nature of our monuments and the indispensable need to create our own era."

"Oval Buddha Silver" in the Abundance Salon

"Flower Matango" in the Hall of Mirrors
Statues of ravenous Buddhas and schizophrenic daisy bombs stand in the foreground of grandiose marble paneled walls and beneath centuries-old solid silver chandeliers in the hall of mirrors. Where Marie Antoinette once threw temper tantrums and ate copious amounts of delectable macarons, Murakami has added a dose of modern hallucinogens to keep the Parisians clutching their pearls.

Louis XIV, is that you?



The exhibit will run until December 12.
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  1. Wow, crazy..

    Thanks for posting!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. oh I dunno! I went to his exhibit when it was downtown a few years ago, I just am not a modern art girl. I can appreciate it I suppose, but its so "wierd"-and I use quotes bc its just not me. When I was writing my religious studies thesis in Rome, we would travel to all these amazing cchurches, and we went to the vatican museums and the modern art wing and I just flat out protested..I just cant get into it!

    So, needless to say, seeing his sailor moon style statues against these gorgeous old world buildings make my stomach churn. but thats just me :) I mean i do have one of his LV bags though lol


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