Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Donde Esta La Libreria?

Bookworms, rejoice - there's a new librarian in town that is making the English major in me squeal with delight! That's right, fashion's wunderkind, Marc Jacobs, has opened a bookstore called, what else, Bookmarc, on Bleecker Street in the West Village. Contrary to The Cut blog's preposterous insinuation that "nobody likes to read books nowadays," this legendary opening will draw page-turners and fashionphiles alike in droves.

According to The Cut, lots of non-literary items will be sold such as "key chains and journals with cheeky phrases like 'Moby's Dick' and 'The Gay Gatsby' printed on the covers." Cute.

More than just a neighborhood bookstore, Marc Jacobs plans on transforming his little shop around the corner into a cultural mecca where book signings and live performances will take place.

NOW can I move to NY and pursue my editorial fantasies?? Please, please?

{Photos Courtesy of The Cut blog}

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