Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hermes Is In The Air

The harshest reality that hits a working girl fresh out of college (ok, so it's been a few years) is that she will never (ever) again have the summer off to lounge, luxuriate and soak up the summer sun. A girl can dream, can't she? If I had a summer vacation, I would jetset to not-so-popularly-glamorous Maine, South Carolina or Georgia for some rural relaxation where the all-American surroundings would calm my nerves and entice me with their country charm.

But, before I get carried away with my daydreams of arched forest trails and sweet tea sipped out of mason jars, I must reveal my latest travel essential that has become an obsession. Forget Louis luggage and flamboyant designer details, this sleek, chic and modern suitcase is the ultimate in tasteful traveling.

Hermès Orion: available Spring/Summer 2010

Designed by Gabriele Pezzini, Hermès Design Director, the brushed anodized aluminum shell of the Orion suitcase keeps the frame sturdy while the interior surface is reinforced with carbon and Kevlar. The most luxurious, yet practical details are the cowhide handle accents in classic Hermes brown.

Yes, summer decadence can still be achieved by us working girls. And, with this stylish carry-on, we can leave behind our baggage and indulge in lavishly appointed luxuries.

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