Thursday, June 3, 2010

Victoria Beckham - Seamstress?

It's a bit cheeky to respond to public criticism of your perpetual stoicism and austerity by putting out a capsule collection comprised of menswear-inspired, sharp-as-a-tack, completely debonair two-piece suits. Then again, the British have a way with style that Americans just don't understand. And, who better to ring in the tailored trend than major Brit fashion icon, Victoria Beckham? She of the second-skin skirts and inopportune nip-aerobics helmed the blazer brigade by showing up at “Dinner with a Designer” Celebrating Brian Atwood last night in Los Angeles donning a design from her latest pet project. She-Becks gushed to InStyle about her obsession with tailoring: "I love a great jacket,” she says and credits her time ogling the shops showcasing smartly tailored pieces on Savile Row in London as giving her the bespoke bug. "[Tailoring] is about structure, getting the right shoulder and right waist. Everything is handmade and super flattering." It also helps when your body rivals that of a mannequin in a store window. I can't wait to see how she sexes up her newest collection!

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