Friday, June 18, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

As a virgin of the food truck craze, I decided to venture to the streets of East LA AKA the neighborhood around my work today to check out the Dim Sum Truck that was supposed to be set up across the street from FIDM. I was VERY excited, to say the least, because a.) I love food and b.) I love good food. I dragged a few co-workers and made the two-block trek to 9th and Hope for some dim sum (and then some). What I saw was a spectacle beyond my wildest expectations. Not only did I spot the Dim Sum Truck, but there before my eyes were the famed (almost folkloric) Kogi truck, Pyongyang truck, The Flying Pig, Manila Machine and Patty Wagon. Um, can we say a foodie's dream come true??

Of course, I had to sample a few delicious eats from a few trucks. Believe me when I say I was drooling over the gastronomic satisfaction that was awaiting. I chose to order the pork & shrimp shu mai dumplings and peking duck taco from The Dim Sum Truck. While a co-worker raved about the sesame balls, I was busy fading into foodie heaven as I dove into the generous portion of 3 plump dumplings that came with a traditional sesame soy sauce. The duck taco, while a fan favorite, was not my fave. I tend to stay away from duck because of how fatty it can be, but it was just ok in a taco. The presentation of the taco, however, was impressive. Slices of duck atop a soft tortilla were accented with julienned cucumbers, onions and a succulent sliver of duck skin. Magical.

{Pork & Shrimp Shu Mai Dumplings}

{Peking Duck Taco}

Unsatisfied with the yummy overload that took place on my palate, I ventured over to the Flying Pig truck that I had been looking forward to trying for months. Worth. The. Wait. They boast "Asian & Pacific Rim flavors with French technique" and serve the usual fare: carne asada tacos, burritos and bao bun tacos created by Le Cordon Bleu trained chefs (pretty fancy). But, the sliders. Oh, the sliders. The girls and I couldn't stop talking about the patty that was cooked to perfection paired with the fluffiest of buns and crispiest, crunchiest acoutrements. The slider they serve is a beef and pork blend with red onion escabeche, pickled sesame cucumber, banana mustard on a toasted sweet Hawaiian bun. YES. Each bite got better and better. The combination of soft, fluffy, gooey, crunchy, savory, sweet and sour practically exploded on my tongue.

{Sliders @ Flying Pig truck}

We were extremely full after scarfing down the aforementioned grub and spent the next few hours in a flavor-induced coma that we gladly submitted to. Suffice to say much work was not done, but it was worth it. I can't wait to try the other trucks in the coming weeks. If only one would pull up and park right in front of my house...

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