Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Dressed Up

I've never been good with gift-giving. I have such high expectations of my scouting skills and ability to capture a friend's personality in one present that I just give up altogether. With tons of celebrations coming up in the next few months, I figured I would at least invest in some chic gift wrap that would act as a fab facade, even if the contents are a bit shabby. A gift should be just as dressed up as its giver or receiver!

From, these gorgeous gift wrap sheets will dazzle any gift and guarantee get oohs-and-ahhs from all around!

Chinoiserie is so chic and elegant that nobody will give a hoot about what is enclosed in the pretty package. These are by Caspari.
How absolutely fabulous, modern and chic is this set of gift wrap? Perfect for a girly b-day celebration or even a bridal shower. Also by, this one is called "Holiday Soiree."

Oh, Martha Stewart, you never cease to amaze me with your spot-on designs and ideas. This set is actually made up of four sheets of paper that you can download from to wrap up your delicious gifts. I love anything that has a bit of vintage elegance and I will never turn down a cameo design. Love!

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